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Mid-Hudson Driving Association is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and families that promote and participate in the sport of driving horse carriages.  This includes those interested in collecting and restoring antique horse drawn vehicles.

The interest of our members include pleasure driving, combined driving (CDE), picnic drives, pleasure driving competitions and the collecting and restoring of antique vehicles.

Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mhdany/

The club is governed by 5 officers who are elected for a calendar year at our annual meeting each November. 

2014 Officers                                              2015 Incoming Officers

  • Ann Pierce - President                     Sallyann Gerelli - President
  • Herb Cade - Vice President             Herb Cade - Vice President
  • Susan Greinacher - Secretary         Susan Greinacher - Secretary
  • Eunice Shumalski - Treasurer         Joan Delatorre -Treasurer                            
  • Donna Rose - New Notes Editor     Donna Rose - New Notes Editor

The meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month (or as scheduled) at various sites,  A Bi-monthly newsletter is mailed or e-mailed to each member's household.

  • Alice Barney - Librarian

send an e-mail to info@mhdany.com to contact any of our Officers or Librarian.